Ep. 9: Harry Potter Years 7 & 8: The Finale

In the last Harry Potter podcast (ever?), Jason and Judy review the final two instalments in the series and wonder why they started this madness in the first place. Finding all 7 Horcruxes took less time than watching these movies. Listen in as they speculate over why the evilest most evil wizard of all time hid all the parts of his soul laughably close together, and what the Deathly Hallows even has to do with anything.


Ep. 8: Dredd (2012): Judge, Jury, Executioner

We’re back! In this podcast, we discuss the Stallone-less updated Dredd, starring the lower half of Karl Urban’s frowny face. We talk about the plot, the world-building, the technology and the set design, and Judy’s disappointment over the fact that Dredd is not RoboCop. Did we mention that this movie is actually a 90 min game of psychedelic laser tag?

Ep. 7: Black Christmas: The First Real Slasher Flick

In this podcast, Jason introduces Judy to Black Christmas. This 1974 horror classic about a group of sorority girls being stalked by a killer is known as the first actual slasher flick, before Halloween was released. Most people don’t know that because it’s Canadian. But! It’s also one of the first movies to use the POV of the killer, and it was shot on location at U of T. Listen to us talk about how awesome it was!

Ep. 5: John Carpenter: Double Feature

In their latest podcast, Jason and Judy realize their mutual love for John Carpenter, and watch two classics: The Thing, a movie about a bunch of dudes trapped in Antarctica with a killer blob monster; and Christine, a movie about a dude that falls in love with a 1970’s demonic car from hell and transforms into the Fonz. One of these movies is very good. Tune in to hear us talk about both!