My name is Judy and I’m a PhD candidate at the University of Waterloo, researching theories of posthumanism in virtual and augmented realities. My work focuses on presence and technological embodiment within virtual and augmented spaces. My dissertation examines how we use mobile smartphones and heads-up display devices to physically and cognitively extend our capabilities beyond the boundaries of the body.

Currently, I am a research associate at the University of Waterloo’s Games Institute and the Critical Media Lab, am a former founder of the G.I. Janes, as well as the former Associate Editor for First Person Scholar, an online games studies periodical. I also work as a content writer and game designer at Red Meat Games.


The content of this blog is my intellectual property, and my in-progress work is in preparation for my dissertation. In a nutshell: Please don’t steal it! If you have questions, want to link to one of my articles, or know of some publication that would be of interest to me, please reach me here.

Anything to say?

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