Ep. 4: Mulholland Drive: Take Two

Jason takes Judy for a stroll down the hallucinogenic and circuitous Mulholland Drive, David Lynch’s masterpiece. Judy parses her second first impressions, Jason chimes in with some yay’s or nay’s, and the discussion explores the characters, the twisting story, and the countless symbols in the movie. Please subscribe/follow if you like what we’re doing!


Ep. 3: Jupiter Ascending: Once-Over Quickie!

To begin, we love Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis, and Eddie Redmayne. We’ve even been known to enjoy the output from the Wachowskis. Who would’ve thought we’d be so frustrated with their collaboration in Jupiter Ascending. Join Judy and Jason as they laugh about the plot, the characters, the action scenes, the bizarre use (and misuse) of bees, and the strange way in which a film called Jupiter Ascending features so many moments of Jupiter falling.

Ep. 2: Harry Potter Years 1-3: A Triple Feature

In our second podcast, we reflect on the first three Harry Potter films: Harry Potter & the Whimsical Misappropriation of Turbans, Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secretions and Inferences, and Harry Potter & the Expectant Patronus. We reflect on the style of the first two compared to the third, the development of the actors, the refinements in the series, and spend way too much time laughing at our attempt to figure out the logic of the second film.

Ep. 1: Alien (1979): The Maiden Voyage

In our inaugural podcast, we talk about the science-fiction classic Alien (1979). Alien film vet Jason discusses with a total newb Judy what she made of the sets, the story, the characters, and that infamous chestburster scene. If podcasts are your thing, and movies are your thing, please listen and subscribe to our channel!