Ep. 2: Harry Potter Years 1-3: A Triple Feature

In our second podcast, we reflect on the first three Harry Potter films: Harry Potter & the Whimsical Misappropriation of TurbansHarry Potter & the Chamber of Secretions and Inferences, and Harry Potter & the Expectant Patronus. We reflect on the style of the first two compared to the third, the development of the actors, the refinements in the series, and spend way too much time laughing at our attempt to figure out the logic of the second film.

After watching Alien and having a great time recording our reactions, we decided (for some crazy reason) to marathon all 8 Harry Potter films. I had not seen most of them since they were released in theatres, so let’s just say I feel differently towards them now, as opposed to when they first started in 2001. Check back for two more podcasts giving our once-over to the rest of the Harry Potter series. We’re going to release them sporadically, so if HP isn’t your thing, next week we’re releasing something totally different!


Anything to say?

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