Ep. 1: Alien (1979): The Maiden Voyage

In our inaugural podcast, we talk about the science-fiction classic Alien (1979). Alien film vet Jason discusses with a total newb Judy what she made of the sets, the story, the characters, and that infamous chestburster scene. If podcasts are your thing, and movies are your thing, please listen and subscribe to our channel!

Really, how often can you get away with using the term “maiden voyage?” This isn’t the first podcast I’ve ever been a part of, having done several for First Person Scholar already, but it’s the first time I’ve done one outside of my affiliation and job at the University of Waterloo.

This podcast is about movies, and discussions about narrative, writing, character arcs and storytelling within a bunch of film genres. Mostly, it’s about two people who love movies and spend hours talking about them, who recently decided to start recording those conversations. Because we spend too much time procrastinating our research and need to take breaks.


Anything to say?

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