The Walking Dead: Episode 1

I’m almost done the first episode of this game series, and let me just say that it’s the closest I’ve ever come to having control over what my character is actually saying/doing. I won’t go into the mechanics of the entire game, but with reference to the narrative and dialogue, your character, Lee Everett, is consistently asked questions he must respond to. He gets 4 choices and only 5 seconds to answer. He can also walk up to anyone and, depending on the person or situation, always has 4 new pieces of dialogue to choose from. Granted, this isn’t perfect, as one option is usually staying silent (…) and I’ve found myself one time or another not wanting to choose any of the options. I mean, if I know that the zombie outside probably has the keys to a medical supply closet in his pocket, I’m not going to ask a character if they want a candy bar or if they’re tired. I’m going to tell them to come outside with me! Of course, you are free (ish) to come and go as you please, but only when the story allows for it. I for one would love to see a game that lets you literally go wherever you want, whenever you want, even if those choices are detrimental and stall the plot somewhat. I’ll write more about this once I finish this episode, I’m sure I have more zombies to bludgeon.



Anything to say?

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